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We are immensely proud to be the only UK Caviar retailer that is truly farm to fork.

After more than ten years in the Caviar trade, Shah Caviar has established itself as the leading supplier to both trade and retail customers in the United Kingdom. Our extensive industry experience allows us to stay at the top with exceptional knowledge and seamless customer service.

Each of our Caviars comes to us directly from either our own Caviar farm here in the UK or from our partner farm in Germany. Having total control over the whole production process puts us in a unique position, allowing our customers full reassurance as to the provenance and superior quality of their Caviar.

In addition to our relationships with Europe's leading producers, we are at the forefront of establishing a local Caviar industry within the United Kingdom. The Exmoor Caviar and Sturgeon Farm was established in 2010 and is now supplying the UK's top Michelin restaurants with the first locally produced caviar. Exmoor Caviar has been enthusiastically endorsed by the nation's leading Chefs and is now available to our retail customers exclusively through Shah Caviar.

Whether you're a Michelin starred Chef, gastronimic whizz in the home kitchen or just looking for some Caviar advice, we have the experience, expertise and products to see you right. 

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